ACME issue 2, 2014: The Mediterranean Migration Frontier

ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies

Volume 13, issue 2, 2014

Guest edited by Timothy Raeymaekers

link_ikon Introduction: Europe’s bleeding border and the Mediterranean as a relational space, pp 163-172
Timothy Raeymaekers

link_ikon Constructing the Mediterranean region: obscuring violence in the bordering of Europe’s migration ‘crises’, pp 173-195
Alison Mountz & Jenna M. Loyd

link_ikon Borderizing the island: Setting and narratives of the Lampedusa ‘border play’, pp 196-219
Paolo Cuttitta

link_ikon Shifting Italy/Libya borderscapes at the interface of EU/Africa borderland: a ‘genealogical’ outlook from the colonial era to post-colonial scenarios, pp 220-245
Chiara Brambilla

link_ikon Dynamics and representations of migration corridors: the Rise and fall of the Libya-Lampedusa route and forms of mobility from the Horn of Africa (2000-2009), pp 246-262
Luca Ciabarri

link_ikon Postcolonial borderlands: black life worlds and relational place in Turin, Italy, pp 263-294
Heather Merrill

link_ikon The not so collateral damage politics of deadly EU border control, pp 295-304
Xavier Ferrer-Gallardo & Henk van Houtum

link_ikon The Emergence of Radical/Critical Geography within North America, pp 305-327
Linda Peake and Eric Sheppard

link_ikon Lives in the Making: Power, Academia and the Everyday, pp 328-351
Roberta Hawkins, Maya Manzi, and Diana Ojeda

link_ikon Navigating Risk in Minnesota’s Birth Landscape: Care Providers’ Perspectives, pp 352-371
Hanna Emple and Helen Hazen

link_ikon The Hidden Boundaries of Everyday Places: Migrant Women, Homeplace and the Spatial Practices of a Small Swedish Town, pp 372-393
Ulrika Schmauch and Katarina Giritli Nygren

link_ikon Moving Beyond Neverland: Reflecting Upon the State of the Diverse Economies Research Program and the Study of Alternative Economic Spaces, pp 394-403
Amanda Fickey and Kelsey B. Hanrahan

link_ikon “Hybrid Cottonseed Production is Children’s Work”: Making Sense of Migration and Wage Labor in Western India, pp 404-423
Kacy McKinney

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