ACME issue 3, 2012: Special Issue on Anarchist and Autonomous Marxist Geographies

ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies

Volume 11, issue 3, 2012


Special Theme Issue
Anarchist and Autonomous Marxist Geographies
Guest edited by Nathan Clough and Renata Blumberg

link_ikon Toward Anarchist and Autonomist Marxist Geographies
Nathan Clough and Renata Blumberg, pp 335-351

link_ikon Are ³Other Spaces² Necessary? Associative Power at the Dumpster
Nicholas Jon Crane, pp 352-372

link_ikon Anarchism, Geography, and Queer Space-making: Building Bridges Over Chasms We Create
Farhang Rouhani, pp 373-392

link_ikon Organizing for Survival: From the Civil Rights Movement to Black Anarchism through the Life of Lorenzo Kom¹boa Ervin
Nik Heynan and Jason Rhodes, pp 393-412

link_ikon At the Intersection of Anarchists and Autonomists: Autogestioni and Centri Sociali
Pierpaolo Mudu, pp 413-438

link_ikon Counter (Mapping) Actions: Mapping as Militant Research
Counter Cartographies Collective, Craig Dalton, and Liz Mason-Deese, pp

link_ikon Autonomist Marxist Theory and Practice in the Current Crisis
Brian Marks, pp 467-491

link_ikon Bridging Common Grounds: Metaphor, Multitude, and Chicana Third Space Feminism
Cathryn Jesefina Merla-Watson, pp 492-511

link_ikon Gramsci Is Not Dead: For a ŒBoth/And¹ Approach to Radical Geography
Mark Purcell, pp. 512-524

link_ikon Re-inscribing the Hegemony of Hegemony: A Response to Mark Purcell
Richard JF Day, pp 525-529

link_ikon Frankenstein is Dead
Mark Purcell, pp. 530-532

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