ACME: Neue Ausgabe online, issue 2, 2012

ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies

Volume 11, issue 1, 2012


Table of Contents

Thematic Interventions Section: Frontiere Phalanstere
Guest Edited by Olivier Thomas Kramsch

link_ikon Introduction: Frontiere Phalanstere? Crossing the Borders Between ŒTheory¹ and ŒActivism¹, pages 184-188
Olivier Thomas Kramsch

link_ikon The Border between Theory and Activism, pages 189-193
Olga Lafazani

link_ikon About the Relation between Theory and Action: Drawing on the Movement Solidarity to Refugees in Greece, pages 194-201
Ilias Pistikos

link_ikon Migration Policies and Practices in Greece: Room(s) for Activism? pages 202-214
Despina Syrri

link_ikon Constructing a Relational Space between ŒTheory¹ and ŒActivism¹, or (Re)thinking Borders, pages 215-221
Chiara Brambilla

link_ikon Reconstituting Activism at the Borders of Contemporary South Africa, pages 222-228
Noor Nieftagodien

link_ikon Patrimoine vécu et choc des mémoires urbaines dans le Redlight de Montréal, pages 229-249
Pierre-Mathieu Le Bel

link_ikon The affective ethics of participatory video: an exploration of inter-personal encounters, pages 250-281
Pamela Richardson-Ngwenya

link_ikon Towards a post-capitalist-politics of food: cultivating subjects of community economies, pages 282-303
Amy Trauger and Catarina Passidomo

link_ikon L¹émergence d¹un Front Touristique Transfrontalier dans les Andes Centrales (Triple Frontière : Argentine, Bolivie et Chili), pages 304-334
Sylvain Guyot

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